Babe,You Look So Cool
Babe,You Look So Cool
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09.29.14 The day I lost Paddles…. I never thought I’d ever experience this kind of pain and emptiness especially so early on. Paddles was honestly the happiest dog on the planet, even though it looked like she was grumpy she was always happy. Everyone loved paddles, hell someone even drew a portrait of her on top of the world and the moon was a big ball of cheese, because she loved cheese. She loved so many things….but she’s in a better place now where she’s not suffering or in pain. You know when people say “you just know when it’s time” We knew and paddles knew… you just know. But now she’s probably running around with her sister anna nicole in fields of grass with a whole bunch of other pups. Rest in puppy paradise Paddles. You are missed. 

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So Joe Jonas came onstage with Demi last night to sing this is me, and a part of me died and I don’t think it’s coming back to life, I’m still so fucking happy.

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Steal My Girl 


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